Notice for Colosseum Archaeological Park
Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, Domus Aurea


  • Gradual and progressive opening of the monthly availability of tickets and services of the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum in December 2022
    - Tuesday 1st November from 9 am: Colosseum Ordinary entrance; Colosseum underground entrance; Colosseum entrance arena
    - Thursday 3 November from 9 am: Underground visits, Underground Guides
    - Friday 4 November from 9: Colosseum visits; Colosseum audio guides, Colosseum Videoguide; Colosseum Schools; Rome pass entrance
    The Colosseum Archaeological Park disposes that the sales of the Full Experience underground and arena tickets only, as well as the tickets of the Luna sul Colosseo event, will be nominative and will show the visitor's personal data. Please note that these tickets are nominative for each group or family member and it will not be possible to change the name after the purchase. In case of mismatch with the identity document, access to the Colosseum will not be allowed and no refund will be allowed.

    Tickets already purchased, before June 25th, can still be used without the visitor's personal information.

  • Sales of tickets for access to the Colosseum Underground
    Access is provided for groups of up to 25 people every 15 minutes, with visits with an educational operator or accompanied shifts.
    Accompanied shifts: each customer can purchase a maximum of 25 tickets per day.
    Visits with educational operator: each visitor can purchase a maximum of 6 tickets per day.

  • Method of release
    The release for sale of tickets for entrances and services to the Colosseum Archaeological Park is automatic, gradual and progressive, on an hourly basis with respect to the time of the single time slot, according to the following methods:
    - the monthly release is activated 720 hours (24h x 30d) before each single time slot.
    - the weekly release is activated 168 hours (24h x 7d) before each single time slot.
    - the daily release is activated 12 hours before each single time slot.
    For the Full Experience Underground and Arena ticket there are monthly and weekly releases.
    The number of tickets on sale and the quotas reserved for their respective releases are subject to possible variations for safety reasons, due to the progress of the health emergency, and for any different provisions of the Park Management.
  • Colosseum by night 2022
    Please note that the opening of ticket sales for access to the Colosseum Underground is scheduled for Tuesday, June 7.
    Access is provided for groups of up to 25 people every 15 minutes, with visits with an educational operator or accompanied shifts.
    Accompanied shifts: each customer can buy a maximum of 25 tickets per day.
    Visits with an educational operator: each visitor can buy a maximum of 6 tickets per day.

  • On Wednesday, May 18th, 2022 bookings for The Moon over the Colosseum 2022 are open
    Visits for groups of maximum 25 people will take place from May 20th to December 31st, 2022. In May, November and December the event will take place every Friday and Saturday; in June to October also on Thursday.
    The visit to the underground and arena floor will last 60 minutes.
    It is possibile to admit (and can be used by individuals or groups of up to 25 people.


    New opening from 6th May to 31st December 2022

    On Thursday 5th May at 9.00 a.m. it will be possible to book guided tours of the Domus Aurea from 6th May to 31st December 2022.
    Reservations are available online and at the call center, with a monthly and weekly release of tickets.
    Gradual, automatic and progressive releases, hour by hour, will be managed directly by the sales system.
    The first monthly ticket issuance will cover the period from 6th May to 5th June 2022, and then it will go on as planned in a gradual and progressive manner, day by day, time by time.
    Guided tours in Italian and English last 75 minutes for groups formed by a maximum of 23 participants.
    All guided tours include the use of Oculus in the Sala della Volta Dorata.
    There are time slots reserved for authorized guides on sale only from the call center with the compulsory requirement to purchase the entire slot for 23 participants. Only one guide per slot will be allowed.
    Only one booking per phone call will be possible.


    For the next first Sunday of the month, 3 April 2022, free tickets for the Colosseum/Roman Forum/Palatine will be available only onsite at the ticket office of the Arch of Titus for the ordinary tickets and the Forum Pass super (no underground and no arena).



  • 2 June 2022 sales of tickets and Park services starting at 15.00

    We  inform you that following the indication of the Colosseum Archaeological Park, on June 2nd, 2022, the sales of tickets and services of the Park will be opened from 3 pm.

    In the event that it would be possible to anticipate the opening of the sites, there will be the chance to purchase the ordinary entrance ticket and Forum pass super (no underground no arena) directly at the Venus and Rome ticket office.

    We would like to inform you that in the event that it is not possible to use the tickets and services purchased, the issue of vouchers for tickets and similar services is envisaged for those who fall into the categories indicated below, already provided for by the regulation referred to. in letters a) b) and c) of art. 88 bis:

    1. subject towards whom quarantine from COVID-19 has been ordered with active surveillance 
    being a person in need of a fiduciary home permanency  with active surveillance  by the competent health authority in the execution of the measures adopted by the competent health authority pursuant to Article 3 of the Decree Law of 23 February 
    2020 no. 6, converted, with amendments, by Law no. 13 of 5 March 2020, and article 2 of Decree Law no. 19 of 25 March 2020, with amendments, by Law no. 13 of 5 March 2020. 
    25 March 2020 no. 19, with respect to the contracts to be executed during the same period of quarantine or 
    home permanence;

    2. subject living, in the areas affected by the COVID-19 infectious ,receiving a removal ban order as identified by the decrees adopted by the President of the 
    of the Council of Ministers pursuant to article 3 of Decree Law no. 6 of 23 February 2020, converted, with amendments converted, with amendments, by Law no. 13 of 5 March 2020, and article 2 of Decree Law no. 19 of 25 March 2020, with respect to contracts  to be performed during the period of effectiveness of the aforementioned decrees;

    3. person who has been tested positive to the COVID-19 virus for which quarantine with active surveillance is ordered or a fiduciary home permanency with active surveillance by the competent health authority, or hospitalisation , in respect of contracts to be performed during the same period of permanency, quarantine or hospitalisation. 

    In order to issue the voucher, it will be necessary to produce a self-certification using the attached form and a copy of the identity document.

    The Belvedere of the Colosseum is currently closed for restoration work.


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