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  • Genoa before the Rolli
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    Genoa before the Rolli
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    Genova - , 30/12/2017

Genoa before the Rolli


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A city of the time when the towers were built dangerous but necessary. Elements that connoted a different dimension of the spatial control of the city: where power was practically practiced "above it" despite the efforts of the institutions responsible for public order. A good part of this virtual structure that changed over time, because it was due to the birth of continuous factions, is certainly due to the role played by the towers that dotted countless the urban horizon of the thirteenth century city and the following centuries, to protect noble aggregates. As in many medieval cities, the towers were the measure of power and wealth of the powerful families of the city. Over the centuries many of these have been demolished or "lost" because they are considered dangerous or obstacle to the affirmation of the growing importance of municipal institutions. Today only a few are visible and we must look for them by changing the usual "point of view". Our journey will take you to the discovery of the Embriaci tower, the tallest in Genoa and the only one that escaped the order of 1196 which established the reduction in height of all the city towers. It will wind through the historic center in search of those towers now merged into the urban fabric of the city in progress. Some of them, like Torre Maruffo, will unexpectedly appear to us simply looking upwards, and will end in front of the Grimaldina tower of Palazzo Ducale, symbol of municipal and dogal power.

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Genoa before the Rolli




Saturday, 30 December 2017


Genoa before the Rolli

Genova -




December 30 2017

10:00 - 15:00