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  • Ettore Spalletti
    Ettore Spalletti
    A day so white, so white
    Napoli - Exhibitions, from 13/04/14 to 25/08/14
    Ettore Spalletti
    A day so white, so white
    MADRE, from 13/04/14 to 25/08/14

Ettore Spalletti A day so white, so white



A day so white, so white

Spring 2014 sees an exceptional occasion represented by three of the most important Italian public institutions dedicated to contemporary art that collaborate to pay a tribute to one of the protagonists of the Italian art of our time.

The exhibition, dedicated to Ettore Spalletti’s career, is presented in three different venues: the MAXXI (National Museum of 21st century Art, in Rome), the GAM (Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of Turin), and the MADRE (the “Donna REgina” Contemporary Art Museum, in Naples).

Ettore Spalletti’s art marks the boundaries between painting, sculpture and space, turning color and geometry into an intense perceptive experience. The simplicity of the shapes he uses creates a tension between the recognizable feeling of everyday life and a horizon in a metaphysical vision. A shape that is  specific to a context, becomes universal. The same thing can be said about the colors that this artist mostly cherishes, such as the pink of the skin, the blue of the skies and an absolute white: their choice traces a link between the world of figurative representation and that of abstraction, therefore blending the colors of nature with the shapes of rationality. In Ettore Spalleti’s art what is visual becomes tactile and vice versa. Indeed, not only is color intended as sculpture, since it has its own shape, matter and volume, but the idea of painting is expanded in the surrounding space, becoming an intersection of planes as well as a presence as an object. Ettore Spalletti’s work can be summarized as a place where the most fruitful experiences of existence find a higher way of comprehension and a visual intelligence that includes all other senses and sublimates them.

What is exceptional about this project is the synergy between the three museums that, by organizing three exhibitions dedicated to Ettore Spalletti, unite the north, center and south of Italy and help to create a model for institutions based on collaboration and plurality that the country and its artistic system can follow.

The collaboration between GAM, MADRE and MAXXI comes with an edition published by “Electa” that goes over the artist’s entire career, with exclusive articles by the critics Carlos Basualdo, Danilo Eccher, Gabriele Guercio, Anna Mattirolo, Gloria Moure Cao, Alessandro Rabottini, and Andrea Viliani. The catalogue also includes a wide collection of texts published between 1991 and 2006 that offer some of the most important pieces of literature on Spalletti’s work.

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Ettore Spalletti
A day so white, so white



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