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    Roma - Great Events, from 08/12/18 to 06/01/19
  • Mattatoio
    Mattatoio, from 08/12/18 to 06/01/19


Great Events


The first and unique festival in Italy focusing on emerging and talented photographers from all around the globe. Meetings, exhibitions, workshops with a sole scope: international contemporary photography. Emerging talents is an expositive project created to promote emerging photographers already known and awarded worldwide.

For the first time their works are going to be exposed in Italy. Due to the passionate participation of curators, journalist, photo editors and artists, Emerging Talents wish for the creation of connections between international and national organizations for a more effective diffusion of photographic culture.Guided tours, shows, lectures, meetings with professional figures, round tables with journalists and art directors, workshops, activities for amateurs and experts: a perfect mix of culture and art to spread the passion for photography to the public.

Interference is the beating heart of the project. Interferences is both dialogue and trouble, interaction and division. Just as photography causes interferences among the meaning and the language, far from being a mere overlapping of techniques, so this project wants to be seen as an active interpretation of the contemporary society complexities, full of contradictions and ambiguities. Emerging talents is not just an exhibition. It’s a show. The festival combines the documentation with the imaginary; it goes freely from the real to the fiction, it puts together digital and analogic – without fearing the supremacy of the first on the second – and it does all that holding to the contemporary condition of epochal transformation in which we daily search for new elements to decode the reality.


Sixteen exhibition with their relative artists are going to answer that:
Alice Quaresma, Alibi (Brasil); Christina Werner, Reflecting pools (Austria); Dario Bosio, Of Hopes and Borders (Italy); Gaia Adducchio, Naked:#she (Italy); Kensuke Koike, Sugar (Japan); Marina Caneve, Are they rocks or clouds? (Italy); Maya Rochat, A Rock is a river (Switzerland); Lucile Boiron, Young Adventurers Chasing the Horizon (France); Monica Alcazar Duarte, Ascension(Mexico); Poline Harbali, Les damas des autres (France); Terje Abusdal, Slash & Burn (Norway); Vasantha Yogananthan, A Myth of Two Souls: una narrazione visiva attraverso i libri (France) curated by Chiara Capodici; Yaniv Edry, Tel Aviv-Haifa (Israel); Xiaoyi Chen, The stranger:…and while I blossomed all alone, the world slumbered (China).


An international jury composed by Matilde Barbieri (FOTOGRAFIA EUROPEA, Italy), Louise Fedotov-Clements (FORMAT International Photography Festival, England), Carine Dolek (Festival Circulations, France), Federico Gonzalez (Newwer Gallery, Mexico), Helena Velez Olabarria (DOCfield Barcelona, Spain), Sarah Carlet and Arianna Catania (Emerging Talents, Italy), Salvatore Vitale (Yet Magazine) award the winning project of the “Call for exhibition”: “The tapestry in my room” by the Armenian artist Lucie Khahoutian that will be exposed during the festival.

Other six works' will be presented during the festival: Marjolein Blom, A Monkey Peeled An Onion... [In Search of Nothing](Netherlands), Jon Gorospe, Environments (Spain), Marco Marzocchi, Oyster (Italy), Yorgos Yatromanolakis, The Splitting of the Chrysalis& the Slow Unfolding of the Wings (Grece), Serena Vittorini, Tapes you watch when you are alone (Italy), Priscilla Pallante, Augmented Rome (Italy).


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