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  • Storie Sepolte
    Buried Stories
    Herculaneum and Vesuvius
    Napoli - Great Events, from 12/06/14 to 20/09/14
  • Storie Sepolte
    Buried Stories
    Herculaneum and Vesuvius
    Napoli - Great Events, from 12/06/14 to 20/09/14
  • Storie Sepolte
    Buried Stories
    Herculaneum and Vesuvius
    Napoli - Great Events, from 12/06/14 to 20/09/14
  • Ruins of Herculaneum
    Buried Stories
    Herculaneum and Vesuvius
    Ruins of Herculaneum, from 12/06/14 to 20/09/14

Buried Stories Herculaneum and Vesuvius

Great Events


Special opening night visits and theatrical shows in the moonlight between real and virtual.

The ancient marina and the arches on the beach of Herculaneum
In 79 AD, a glowing cloud of gas and ash with a temperature of 400° rolled down the slopes of Mount Vesuvius to attack Herculaneum. The few victims found within the city, including a newborn baby in its cradle, indicate that the majority of the inhabitants had already left their homes, resorting to the sea as an escape route. When the surge reached the beach area, three hundred evacuees died instantly of thermal shock, who had taken refuge in the shelters for boat (arches), which opened on it. A boat, m 9 in length, was found capsized next to the victims.

A nighttime walk to the Great Cone of Vesuvius on nights of full moon. The experience of nature and a theatrical performance to learn about captivating and exciting places and stories of the past. In the glimmering moonlight, the volcano is transformed for today’s travelers.
The landscape will enable all those taking past to immerse themselves in the silence as they listen to the tales of ancient and modern times whispered by the crater.
Accompanied by volcanologist guides, we will live through a unique experience. Through the pages of travelers on the Grand Tour who were fascinated by this legendary volcano, tales, stories, and moving reflections on the past and present will be revealed.

A nighttime walk between real and virtual, historical tales and the enchantment of light, theater and music amid stories of ancient buried Herculaneum. 3D projections of the eruption of Vesuvius, tours accompanied by an archaeologist, and theatrical performances for an unprecedented nighttime viewing of the excavations of Herculaneum.
The tour starts from the conference hall, where you can see the 3D projections of the eruption of the volcano. From here, an archaeologist guides you in a picturesque descent into the “fornici” (arched rooms) for an exciting theatrical performance, in which a young woman who has lost her sight recounts her carefree everyday life and the unexpected catastrophe.
The guided tour continues along the terrace of Marcus Nonius Balbus, and from here we enter the urban fabric of the ancient city, walking through its streets and amid its ancient dwellings.


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  • The site will be open for free every first Sunday of the month from October to March and on the following dates:
    March 13th from 1.00 pm
    March 20th from 1.00 pm
    March 27th from 1.00 pm
    July 14 from 14.00
    July 28th from 2.00 pm
    August 11th from 2.00 pm
    August 15th
    August 18th from 2.00 pm
    August 25th from 2.00 pm
    October 30th from 1.00pm
    November 13th from 1.00 pm
    November 20th from 1.00 pm
    November 27th from 1.00 pm

Partial access for movement disabilties.



We inform all visitors that, in order to protect the frescoes and the environments of the archaeological areas of competence of this Superintendence and in order to guarantee safety of everybody, is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to introduce inside the excavations of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, Stabia and the Museum of Boscoreale, handbags, backpacks, luggage, cases, larger than 30x30x15 cm.

Visitors can leave their bags and personal belongings at the free locker room at the access gates. 

However, during some periods the sites are very crowded and the locker room may not contain the baggage of all visitors, it appeals to the sense of cooperation of each person to ensure that the new measures can be fully applicated.

In particular, teachers accompanying school groups are kindly required to make sure that students leave their bags on the bus or the other means of transport they use to reach the excavations.

Info and booking

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Buried Stories
Herculaneum and Vesuvius