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  • Modalità di rimborso con voucher




Supporting the action of all those who are directly engaging in the health emergency and in compliance with the measures put in place by our government, Coopculture is activating new ways to continue carrying out its work and to assist all those who have the right to receive a voucher as a refund for a ticket or a service they have not been able to use.

Please read the note and to use the following procedure to request your voucher on


Refund request procedure with vouchers for covid cases from May 2021

we would like to inform you of the extension of the covid vouchers for tickets and services already requested by 30 September 2020, for additional 18 months, i.e. for a total of 36 months from the date of issue.

Pursuant to the reforms introduced by the Support Decree (Law Decree 22.3.2021, no. 41, converted with amendments by Law 21. 5.2021, no. 69, the current wording of art. 88 - in force since 22 May - is as follows:

1 Following the adoption of the measures referred to in Article 2, paragraph l, letters b) and d), of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 8 March 2020 and, in any case due to the effects resulting from the Covid-19 emergency, starting from the date of entry into force of the same decree and, until 30 September 2020, pursuant to and for the purposes of Article 1463 of the Italian Civil Code, resorting the supervening impossibility of the performance due in relation to contracts for the purchase of tickets for events of any kind, including cinema and theatre, and tickets for museums and other places of cultural interest.

2.    Within thirty days from the date of entry into force of the present decree, or from the different date of the communication of the supervening impossibility of the service, purchasers shall present a specific request of refund to the event organizer, also through the sales channels used by the latter, enclosing the relative purchase ticket. The organizer of the event shall refund or issue a voucher for an amount equal to the price of the ticket, to be used within 36 months from its issue. The issue of the vouchers provided for in this paragraph, fulfils the corresponding refund obligations and, does not require any form of acceptance by the recipient. The organizer of pop music concerts shall, in any case, refund the purchase tickets, returning the amount paid to the purchasers, at the end of the period of validity of the voucher when the performance of the artist originally scheduled is cancelled, without postponement to another date within the same period of validity of the voucher. In case of definitive cancellation of the concert, the organizer shall immediately refund the amount paid.

2-bis.    The instructions set forth in paragraphs 1 and 2 shall apply, as from the date of adoption of the containment measures set forth by article 3 of decree-law no. 6 of 23 February 2020, converted, with amendments, by law no. 13 of 5 March 2020, with reference to access tickets and admission tickets for services to be rendered in the territories affected by the mentioned containment measures, as well as to the persons for whom, as from the same date, the containment measures have been adopted. 13, with reference to the admission tickets and entrance tickets for services to be rendered in the territories affected by the aforementioned containment measures, and in any case to the persons for whom, starting from the same date, the conditions set forth in article 88-bis, paragraph 1, letters a), b) and c) have occurred. The thirty-day period for submitting the request shall start from the date of entry into force of this provision.

2-ter.    With regard to live performances postponed due to the COVID-19 emergency, the admission tickets already purchased at the date of entry into force of this instruction shall remain valid for the duration referred to in paragraph 2, second sentence, providing that, the performance is postponed with a certain date and in any case no later than 31 December 2023.


Update - refund conditions by means of ticket and service vouchers - health emergency COVID - 19, July 2020

In relation to and in application of the special regulations governing the termination of contracts for the purchase of tickets and services for museums and other places of culture, following the Covid-19 emergency (ref. Art. 88 D.L. 17/03/2020, n. 18, as replaced by Law 24.4.2020 n.27 e.m.i., as substituted by art. 88 of D.L. 17.3.2020 n. 18 as substituted by Law 17.7.2020 n. 77 of conversion, with modifications of the so-called "Relaunch Decree"), we invite you to read the note and use the form on to request your voucher.
At the present time, the period for which vouchers can be requested is  until 18 August 2020, for tickets from 8 March 2020 to 30 June.

In relation to the tickets and services of the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum, it is necessary to request a refund with voucher for the dates until June 30th, also in light of the fact that sales made before March 8th are not compatible with the new methods of visit of the Park sites.
All vouchers issued by that date - deadline for requesting them - will give the right to acquire a new and similar title of purchase to be used within 18 months from its issue, therefore from July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021, for vouchers requested until June 30; and from September 1, 2020 to January 31, 2022, for vouchers requested until August 18, 2020.
By expressed provision of the law, the possibility of receiving any other form of refund, including reimbursement of the price paid, is excluded.
The new reservation, without any additional charge, can be made by email to or by other online method that will be communicated, from July 1, 2020, subject to the cessation of containment measures, the definition of the date of reopening of monuments and archaeological sites, and in relation to any new provisions that will be issued on the adoption of measures to circumscribe or reduce the groups and to limit access. 
Attention: the validity of the so-called "open" tickets is automatically extended of 18 months from July 1, 2020, without the need to activate the voucher request.
Coopculture, in agreement with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, will grant voucher holders priority access to reservations in order to facilitate the choice of dates and times.
All updates will be published on the website