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  • Rete Culture
  • Rete Culture
    a cooperative web platform shared for a new model of management and promotion of the cultural activities

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Consorzio Due Riviere
La Memoria Storica Soc. Coop.
Le Nuvole
ZOE - Gestione Servizi Culturali


What reteculture is

It is an integrated strategic project finalized to the business development and consolidation of the constituted reality, working in the management of goods and cultural and touristic activities. coopculture proposes a sharing system that integrate a strategic function, application needed for the information, promotion and management of the back office of all the touristic and cultural offer of the territories.

What retculture’s platform does

  • it allows in it evolved versionand to regime to share models, standard and resources , strenghthening the perfomance abilities of all the online enterprises.

  • it collects, organize and puts in the system all the information, resourses already present on the web, giving a new consistance and prominence.

  • it distribute informative services on the touristic territorial offer.

  • it promotes products, serveces and itineraries offered in the territory of reference

  • it welcomes in an only enviroment the services of booking and sale online.

  • it provide to implementations and development (tide up) to the different territories

The system allows to who manage the territory to decide wheather to propose or personalize the itineraries, the events and to control constantly the sales and the flows ,preferences and the visit in real time.

The actors in game for reteculture

The associative system: legacoop that sustains the project to national level, the regional leagues that are the essential ring beetween the project and the local cooperation. the system of the cooperative funds: coopfond to finance the net, cfi to finance the growth of the local enterprises.

Coopculture, the proponent cooperative, that is set as incubator, bridge and multiplier in hold connection with the associatives realities in the territories