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    Faces, Myths and Images of the Earth in the Ancient World
    Roma - Exhibitions, from 23/04/15 to 11/10/15
  • Colosseum
    Faces, Myths and Images of the Earth in the Ancient World
    Colosseum, from 23/04/15 to 11/10/15

TERRANTICA. Faces, Myths and Images of the Earth in the Ancient World



A special exhibition at the Colosseum dedicated to the worship of the Earth, from prehistory to the imperial.

It is forbidden to access the monument with bottles and glasses containers, alcholic beverages and aerosols.


  • Notice: Opening reservation for Colosseum from January to June 2017. 

    From Thursday December 1st it will be possible to book for groups and individuals from January to June 2017 for: 
    Colosseo , Foro and Palatino 
    Case di Augusto and Livia 
    Museo Nazionale Romano
    Terme di Caracalla, Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella, Villa dei Quintili
    Siti ad apertura periodica
    It will be possibile to make reservation for group entrances from December 1st for the period until June 2017. Every first Monday of the month it will be possibile to book available group entrances for the following month that were cancelled.
    It will be possibile to make reservation  for these available group entrances on Monday 5th December 2016 for the period of January 2017. 
    We inform you that it is possibile  to book the last group entrance 20 minutes before the closing time of the ticket office.

    It will be possibile to book on website underground Tours for individuals and underground group entrances every third Monday of the month for the following month. 
    On Monday 19th December it will be possibile to make reservation for January 2017. 


  • Click Tour from the third entrance to the Coliseum to enhance enjoyment and accessibility.

From Monday August 29th 2016 you can book click tour, with access from the third entrance to the Coliseum, located on the side of the Stern (front via Labicana spur) from which they can access reserved groups with their own guide accredited for the period from October 31th to December 31th 2016 
- streamlining of the queues on the front of the Colosseum
- incoming safety checks
- an alternative tour itinerary (click tour) intended to improve the fluidity of the current itineraries open to the public. These groups will have a direct access to the arena floor. From there they will visit the ring that overlooks the underground, and then will they take the ordinary circuit of visit of the monument.

Access and booking Click tour methods:
- groups from minimum 30 to maximum 50 people with accredited guide can only access.
- the accompanied group will follow a route that lasts about 20 minutes.
- at the end of the click tour the group will be accompanied in the ordinary circuit of visit and may decide to exit or to stay inside to freely visit the monument. Groups with their own guide must have their whispers, because there will no distribution of radio guides at the new entrance.
- during the reservation,  you must communicate the number of participants and any reductions on tickets (full, reduced or free rate) for a total of at least 30 people and maximum 50 people.
- at the entrance of the new access, the group will have to compulsory deliver at the ticket desk the booking code and a list with the names and dates of birth of the participants.
- the service is not available during the free first  Sundays of the month and the new access will be closed to the public.
- groups, which shall not exceed the maximum number of 50 people, will access with a 10 minutes
 minimum interval, and will be accompanied during the route that will have a maximum duration of 20 minutes on the arena floor.
- the phone bookings will be possible from Monday, August 29th 2016, over the period October 31th to December 31th, calling the number  at + 39 06 399 67 700

Payment methods
- Mandatory prepayment of tickets and booking fee (€ 2,00)
Each customer can reserve a maximum of two click tour slots a day

Entrance ticket
Full € 12,00; reduced € 7,50
Pre sale  : € 2.00
(Reductions and gratuity under current regulations)
The same ticket grants access to the Colosseum tour circuit, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and the current exhibition in the same circuit. It is valid 2 days in a row for a single entrance to the Colosseum and only one entrance to the Roman Forum - Palatine


  • Current exhibition at Colosseo, Foro Romano e Palatino circuit:   

Rinascere dalle distruzioni. Ebla, Nimrud e Palmira at Colosseo


  • First Sunday of the month at Colosseum

Every first Sunday of the month free admission for all visitors to the site during the ordinary opening time.

Info and booking

+39 06 399 67 700

Faces, Myths and Images of the Earth in the Ancient World



Ticket Office