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  • Purim
    by Michal Meron
    Venezia - Exhibitions, from 09/03/14 to 27/04/14
  • Museo Ebraico di Venezia
    by Michal Meron
    Museo Ebraico di Venezia, from 09/03/14 to 27/04/14

Purim. by Michal Meron



The exhibition wants to bring into focus the audience’s attention in a festivity officially considered as a less important one, as it is not taught in the Torah, but that is a festivity long loved both by children and grown-ups indie. During such festivity it is a duty reading or listening to the meghilath Ester (Parchment telling the story of Queen Esther), celebrating and rejoicing , give food to friends and to poor people, with a wide sense of joy and sharing.

Michal Meron interpreted the story of Esther, setting it in the city of Venice, and, thanks to her art skill and to her positive attitude and sunny nature, succeeded in living to the narration a feeling of joy and happiness. With the help of Michal we shall meet the wicked Haman angry as its home has been drowned by the Venetian “Acqua alta” (water at flood level); the royal couriers moving on bicycles transported on gondolas and Mordechai who, in royal clothing, rides the king’s horse on a gondola. All this happens, however, in a so natural way that nothing strange seems about the performing of the Persian story among the palaces and the canal of the Most Serene Republic. 

The joyful and full color illustrations of the Meghillath Esther displayed at the Jewish Museum of Venice until April 27th.

On Sunday 16th March, day of festivity of Purim, educational workshop at 11.00  
free from children from 5 years on
Reservation required 041
coffe shop

by Michal Meron



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