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  • COSTANTINO 313 d.C.
    Roma - Exhibitions, from 11/04/13 to 15/09/13
  • Colosseum
    Colosseum, from 11/04/13 to 15/09/13




The Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Rome is home to the Coliseum, from 11 April to 15 September 2013, the exhibition "Constantine 313 AD. C. ", which celebrates the anniversary of the Edict of toleration in 313 AD.
The exhibition, back from a great success at the Palazzo Reale in Milan, designed and conceived by the Diocesan Museum of Milan and curated by Gemma Sena and Paul Church biscuits, arrives at theColiseum, along with an entire section dedicated to Rome, curated by Mariarosaria Barbera, superintendent of Cultural Heritage of Rome and the protagonist of important discoveries related to Constantine, including new areas of the public sector Sessoriano of the building, in the area of S. Cross in Jerusalem, and the domus of senior officials at the court of the Empress Helena.

The exhibition celebrates the anniversary of the exceptional manifesto spread of religious tolerance in 313 d. C., also known as the "Edict of Milan", attributed to the Roman Emperor Constantine in the West. A document of extraordinary modernity, taking an edict of 311, declared Christianity after centuries of persecution, religious bid, ushering in a period of religious tolerance and of great political and cultural innovation. The exhibition is divided into sections which deepen with more than one hundred precious relics from all over Europe, on historical, artistic and religious Constantinian era.

The exhibition opens with a gallery of the members of the family, intertwined with struggles, betrayals and conspiracies of the court. The first section, dedicated to Rome, was inaugurated by the famous Battle of the Milvian Bridge, with portraits of his protagonists, Maxentius and Constantine. Following a study of the Sessorium, the imperial seat in Rome, in which resided the mother of Constantine, Helena. Preview are also presented overtime gold jewelry, recently discovered in a tomb in the Basilica of the street Ardeatina.

The central part of the exhibition tells the religious and political revolution triggered by the end of the persecutions against the Christians, through analyzing portraits, coins and works of art, even the three institutions that were the protagonists of the age of Constantine: the army, the church and the imperial court.
Sophisticated luxury artifacts that belonged to the elite of the empire or for the churches testify to the progressive evolution of Christianity, a cult lawful private acquires as a public dimension and finally become official only religion of the Empire.

The exhibition ends with a section devoted to the monuments of Rome Constantine: The homes, baths, basilicas, mausoleums and their unique decorations. Reconstruction of some buildings will be proposed in computer graphics updated in the light of more recent research. There is also space the presentation of another unprecedented discovery, made in 2005, on Via Laurentina: a hoard of forty coins minted by the Mint of Rome, Ostia and Aquileia, contained in a wooden case closed just in 313 AD Alongside are exposed the discoveries made in an environment adjacent to tesoretto, including the bronze statuette of a Lare dancing.

Finally, an animation in computer graphics allow visitors to see a preview of the high-resolution images of the Arch of Constantine and to know the events narrated in the frieze.
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It is forbidden to access the monument with bottles and glasses containers, alcholic beverages and aerosols.



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