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Educational Activities

Over the course of years spent inside numerous and important museums, archaeological parks and exhibition sites throughout Italy, CoopCulture has worked with the world of schools, learning how to recognize the needs and characteristics that necessitate special attention and developing new models in supplying the service, aimed to satisfy increasing expectations. The variety of types and methodologies for visits proposed based on specific educational goals makes it that each realized educational activity is above all a unique and differentiated experience.

In 2012 CoopCulture was awarded the ICOM CECA Prize (Committees for Education and Cultural Action). The entire "educational system" was awarded, a unique mix of ideas, content, organization, methodologies, skills and people.

The educational activities, available in Italian and the main European languages, are designed for school groups of every age and grade level. Included among the principle activities, besides general museum and exhibition visits and “hands-on” workshops:

  • game-based visits, playful, educational approaches to the experience of visiting a site
  • performance-based visits, where actors take the stage
  • themed itineraries, dedicated to the closer analysis of a topic through the reading of multiple sites that document its diverse aspects
  • touristic itineraries, or trips through the territory led by qualified guides
  • teaching trips, dedicated to the closer analysis of a topic through the reading of multiple sites and including touristic services
  • tactile visits, for the vision-impaired and blind
  • dramatic readings and reading workshops where the book is the star in the hands of the narrator and takes on new life, filling the listener with interest and emotion

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